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Playlist 2011 JDK#13 / my Best Of November 2011

download here all the tracks and enjoy !

  1. Acres Of Lions “Reaction”
  2. Baxter Dury “Trellic”
  3. Ben Folds Five “House”
  4. Bison “Switzerland”
  5. Carloman “March Of The Beasts”
  6. Cashier N°9 “Goldstar”
  7. Customs “Harlequins”
  8. Exitmusic “The Modern Age”
  9. Feist “The Circle Married The Line”
  10. Florence + The Machine “Shake It Out”
  11. Grouplove “Chloe”
  12. Leagues “Haunted”
  13. Lisa Hannigan “Knots”
  14. Loon Lake “In The Summer”
  15. Matthew And The Atlas “Beneath The Sea”
  16. Portugal.The Man “So American”
  17. Team Me “Me & The Mountain”
  18. The Answering Machine “3 Miles”
  19. The Cinema “Satellites”
  20. The Kooks “Carried Away”
  21. The Lightsleeper “The Milgram Reality”
  22. The Rapture “Miss You”
  23. The Rifles “Tangled Up In Love”
  24. The Subways “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”
  25. Twin Falls “Janie, I Will Only Let You Down”
  26. Vensaire “See I’m You”
  27. Young Knives “Silver Tongue”

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